Organic Calcium Singapore


What is Organic Milk Calcium?

The most practical way of loading absorbable and effective calcium into our bodies is through the intake of organic calcium food, such as organic milk calcium. Organic milk calcium is a naturally-occurring milk mineral calcium food complex that is created from organic calcium food milk. Organic means that it is free from harmful chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, hormones and toxins.

A cup of organic milk calcium is enough to supplement your body with its daily calcium needs. In choosing milk, we should prioritize unprocessed and quality milk which contains higher amounts of quality calcium. This type of calcium food best prevents the over production of the parathyroid hormone and prevents osteoporosis.

Organic milk calcium also contains a complete line of nutrients such as vitamins A, D and minerals, phosphate, zinc, magnesium and copper. These vitamins and minerals could also regulate high blood sugar levels, so it could be the best food for diabetics. Organic milk calcium also contains healthy amounts of amino acids that lower the levels of stress hormones in the body. These components also lower anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body such as histamine and serotonin, chemicals responsible for allergies. They also balance hormonal levels in the body to increase vitality, strength and stamina. These components could also aid in body detoxification to get rid of the body’s waste materials.

Watch What You Eat!

The fruits and vegetables that we consume may contain heavy metals and chemicals from pesticides or preservatives.

Also, our stressful lifestyles do not permit us to have time to shop for healthy food. Thus, we tend to consume microwaveable food, heavily processed food, and refrigerated food — in other words, we eat junk food.

Therefore, nutritional supplementation is vital. Nutritional supplements may provide us with the much needed vitamins and minerals which keeps our body healthy and resistant to many illnesses. One of these much needed minerals is calcium.

There are many calcium supplements and calcium foods in the market today. The real challenge is finding out which one of these calcium supplements and calcium foods is most effective in maintaining the levels of calcium in our body. These calcium supplements exist as tablets, capsules, liquids, powders and fortified foodstuffs.

Calcium can Harm You!

The two most common forms of calcium supplements and calcium foods are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Various calcium supplements contain differing amounts of available calcium. While calcium carbonate contains about 40% of calcium, calcium citrate contains around 21 % of calcium.

The manufacturers of these calcium supplements and calcium foods advocate the use of mega doses of calcium to prevent osteoporosis and to supplement our calcium needs.

However, many medical experts say that the body cannot absorb more than 500 mg of calcium supplement and calcium food per day. In addition, calcium supplements and foods have numerous side effects such as constipation, gas, nausea, vomiting, irregular heartbeats, and loss of appetite; confusion and increased urination. It may also give rise to kidney problems and even interfere with iron absorption, causing anemia.

Calcium supplements linked to coronary artery disease

A recent study of consisting of 24,000 participants showed that taking calcium supplements made from calcium carbonate may increase the risk of myocardial infarction, or heart attacks, by as much as 86%! (Source: BMJ). Conversely, calcium intake from one's diet reduced the risk by 31%. This goes to show that we should be consuming foods that are naturally high in dietary calcium, such as milk. An organic milk source is ideal, to ensure that no unwanted substances such as harmful chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, hormones and toxins are ingested as well.