Organic Calcium Singapore

Organic Milk Calcium

Why is Calcium important?

Calcium food is very important in your body because of its numerous roles.

From birth until adulthood, our bones and muscles are continually growing. We need our bones to grow and stay strong; thus it is recommended that we need to maintain calcium levels in the body.

The Best Calcium!

There are numerous calcium supplements and calcium foods in the market at present. As highly marketed as they are, they contain low levels of elemental calcium which cannot be effectively absorbed and utilised by the body.

In addition, these calcium supplements and calcium foods are from either synthetic or are derived from rocks, sea shells or bones which may be contaminated with heavy metals.

It is said that the best sources of calcium come from our daily diet. Milk calcium is a rich source of calcium. You only need milk calcium food to provide your body with the amount of elemental calcium it needs.

Calcium Prevents Bone Loss

Calcium is essential to bone health. If you supplement your diet with calcium foods earlier in life, you can prevent bone loss and bone weakness, a medical condition also termed as osteoporosis.

It is said that osteoporosis affects about millions of people around the world and leads to millions of fractures each year. Elderly people are especially prone to fractures that could develop loss of independence, debilitation, infections or even death. Bone loss is a preventable medical condition through consuming adequate levels of calcium found in milk calcium food.

Milk calcium is thus important for the maintenance of our bone health.

Milk Calcium

Milk calcium food provides elemental calcium needed for the synthesis of our bones and teeth. It is said that 99% of calcium is being stored in our bones and teeth. Bones provide the framework of the body, without which we would appear as formless lumps of muscles and skin. Our body is also continually using calcium for life processes in our cells. If we do not provide adequate calcium food, our body will pull out calcium from its richest stores, that is, our bones.

If calcium is continually pulled out from our bones, our bones will weaken. This can be prevented by providing the body with adequate calcium levels from calcium food. Milk calcium best provides for this calcium need as contains the highest concentration of calcium that is best absorbed and utilised by the body.

Milk calcium provides easily absorbable calcium because it contains other vitamins such as vitamins A and D and other minerals. These vitamins and minerals aid in the faster absorption of calcium from milk. They also act as cofactors and components of our bones and muscles, thus further providing good shape and form to the body.

Milk calcium foods are especially recommended for younger individuals, elderly, pregnant and nursing women and for those who are always involved in physical activity.

Milk calcium food is the perfect food for bone health because it is able to provide a complete line of nutrients best needed for the growth of our bones and teeth.