Organic Calcium Singapore

Extracted from natural food sources...

Why Organic Milk Calcium?

Why Organic Milk Calcium?

Organic milk calcium is a naturally-occurring milk mineral calcium food complex that is free from harmful chemicals, antibiotics, etc.

Importance of Milk Calcium

Importance of Milk Calcium

We need our bones to grow and stay strong; thus it is recommended that we need to maintain calcium levels in the body.

Source of Organic Calcium

Source of Organic Calcium

Milk, cheese, yogurt, white beans, dried fish chickpeas, almond butter, oats, orange juice, okra, broccoli, cooked tempeh, etc.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is vital for healthy teeth and bones. In addition, it regulates cell functions, nerve conduction, muscle contraction and has a role to play in blood clotting.

According to Mayo clinic, studies suggest that calcium along with Vitamin D may protect against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our body needs calcium to build and maintain a strong skeletal system. A deficiency in calcium can lead toosteoporosis, a condition whereby bones become brittle as they weaken. Children with calcium deficiency may not be able toreach their full adult height potential.

Source of Calcium

Calcium requirements are dependent on age and sex. Pregnant and lactating women require more calcium than men. People above 50 years old need more calcium too.

Studies have shown that most women consume only 50% of their daily calcium requirement from their diet. In Singapore, a study based on bone scans concluded that one out of three men are calcium deficient and are at risk for osteoporosis.

The best sources of calcium are from the food we eat.If our diet does not provide us with adequate calcium for our body’s needs, the easiest alternative is to consume calcium supplements.

Choosing the Right Type of Calcium

Choosing the right type of Calcium is crucial. Calcium can naturally be sourced out from rocks, sea shells and bones, but these might be contaminated with heavy metals and toxic substances.

Why not choose calcium sourced from milk, a natural food source? Milk contains natural calcium that is safe for everyone - from your kids to a breastfeeding mom and your elderly parents.

If you want every member of your family to stay strong, work on preventing calcium deficiency now!